Why Choose DOY?

Here at DOY we pride ourselves in taking a personal interest in the lives and well being of the individuals we serve. You will never be treated like a number when working with us. We know that you are depending on us to not only meet your care needs, but to also help you develop socially and mentally. We want everyone that we serve to live their life to the fullest and we want to be with be you during every step.

Independent Living Arrangements

Independent structured living arrangements are provided to young men and women who require a setting with one-on-one staffing. A client centered approach is utilized encompassing daily living skill teaching and specialized health services. The goal of each independent living arrangement is to have the client reach and maintain an independent living level that matches their skill level.

D.O.Y. serves individuals with a wide range of needs. Instruction is reality based and improves daily living skills necessary for every day living in the community. Skill training includes:

  • Money Management
  • Bus transportation
  • Self-advocacy
  • Employment skills
  • Decision making
  • Conflict resolution
  • Healthcare Management
  • Housekeeping

We Help YOU make YOUR Decisions

D.O.Y. promotes choice for the individual and involvement of family and friends. Individuals, through this process, can develop healthy, productive patterns and a sense of independence when they know that they have control of their lives.

Individuals are able to take ownership and responsibility for their “choices” and can gain positive decision-making experience. Each individual is able to learn to be consistent respective of their individual ability.

Make A Difference